Children's Ministry

Leadership Training for Christ

Leadership Training for Christ is a convention that Robinson Avenue has participated in for some time. The main goal is to grow the young men and women of our church to become tomorrows leaders. We want to share that experience with you! Enjoy watching our kids becoming leaders!


Here at Robinson Avenue Church of Christ we believe in God's love for children and His desire to see them grow in their love for Him. This in fact is what motivates us in our Children's Ministry. We want to help children in their spiritual growth.

Our ministry is designed to help children engage God and the people around them in ways that brings us all closer to God. Below you will see the areas of ministry to children as well as ways for adults to get involved in our ministry.


"Unifying and developing our children's spirituality through Biblical truths and foundations, while also building relationships with God, each other, and with the church family."


The Children's Ministry is to intentionally enable our families to be unified in developing our children spiritually through (1) Biblical foundations and truths and (2) growing in relationships with God, each other, and the church family.


All teachers are required to submit to a thorough background check. In addition all teacher helpers must attend training.

Classes offered

Cradle Roll
2 year Olds
3 year Olds
1st and 2nd Grade
3rd and 4th Grade
5th and 6th Grade
For more information on Children's Ministry classes (teachers, class type, and quarters), please call the main office at 479-751-4887