RAVE Youth Ministry exists to honor God in everything we do.  We strive to achieve this by connecting with Him through passionate worship and digging deep into his Word, connecting with each other with open arms, and connecting with the world around us by serving those in need and sharing our faith with those who need Him.

We share each other's lives.  We carry each other's burdens.  We love and trust and accept each other.  We want to do the same for you.  Most of all, we want you to come meet Christ.  We will do whatever we can to show Him to you.



This is a time for digging.  We meet at various locations, sometimes sharing a meal, a cup of coffee, or a cold drink, but always sharing our thoughts about God's word.  We lay one tough subject on the table and we dive right in.  This is not a class.  This is not a lecture.  We all dig in and ask and answer and explore each other's questions.  Most of all, we dig deep, not just into the word, but into ourselves.  You are guaranteed to be challenged at Tuesday Night Bible Study.


This is our big night each week.  When you come to Wednesday Night RAVE, you can expect powerful, passionate worship.  You can expect to be welcomed like you've been here for years.  You can expect to never be bored.  Most of all, you can expect to meet a Savior who loves you more than you know.  We meet at 6:45 every week for food and drinks, and then we dive into worship at 7:00.


Family Night Live is a great time each month that is designed to foster the family aspect of our ministry. Each month, we get together and worship, share a meal, and play together, which is something youth ministries have been doing for decades, but we do it as FAMILIES. Parents get to worship alongside their teens. Teens get to see their parents being spiritual leaders.  We share a meal and each other's lives.  We play games and have fun together to create a warm environment where teens feel so much more comfortable being themselves around their families.  Most of all, we surround teens with trusted adults who they see as people they can turn to when times get tough.


Uplift is a week-long camp on the campus of Harding University in Searcy, AR.  This is a chance to get away from every day life and discover what a real relationship with God can be like.  We stay in dorms on campus, have classes, worship with hundreds of other teens, and connect with each other in powerful, nightly group devotionals.  This is a trip you will never forget.


This a trip for those who long to be challenged.  Trek is a week-long trip to mountains of Colorado.  Distractions of daily life are removed.  Personal limits and fears are challenged.  Boundaries between people are broken down.  We climb mountains, both physically and spiritually.  Trek will show you what God can do when you trust Him.


Nothing produces personal growth like serving others.  And no other form of service will change you like mission trips.  No matter where we go, we come back changed.  Whether we're sharing our personal stories of faith and bringing people to their Savior, or getting our hands in the dirt in service to those in need, you can be assured a week that is totally different from what you're used to.  You can expect to work...hard.  You can also expect one of the best weeks of your life.


These trips are often the glue that holds us together.  Any time we can get away for a weekend and just spend time reconnecting with God and each other, it's a great, great weekend.  These may be trips to a rustic camps full of tiny cabins and campfires, or to 1000-teen youth rallies to stay in hotels or host homes.  Wherever we go, we know two things will happen.  We will walk away with a deeper love for each other and deeper understanding and connection with God.  


This is where it all comes together at the end of every summer.  When all the mission trips and youth rallies and vacations are done, we come together with teens from around the NW Arkansas area with one purpose: to dig deeper in our relationship with God.  Relationships are formed and fed that will last a lifetime.  Big, big things are guaranteed to happen for you at Green Valley.

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